Fanfiction Pages

Fanfiction.Net This is a site where people of all ages can read and contribute fanfiction based on their favorite comics, cartoons, videogames, and so on. See also Fictionpress.Com, a sister site for original fiction, that was formed too.

Ficwad Another site for hosting fanfics and original fiction.

JLA Unlimited Justice League fanfiction site.

JLA Universe Ditto.

Artemis' DC Fan Fiction Batman, Wonder Woman, and the JLA in stories over here.

Fonts of Wisdom Kitty Pryde, Pete Wisdom and Excalibur fanfiction site.

Darkmark's Domain

Firebird's Website

Next-X Comics X-Men fanfiction related fanfiction.

Continuum Worlds

DC/Marvel: The Merging A now combined website for fanfiction based on both of the big two.

World's Finest Fan Fiction

DigitallyMystic.Com Links to various fanfiction sites and such.

Marvel Anthology

DC Anthology

Intrepid Heroes Role Playing Games online.

Gotham DCF Bat-related fanfiction.

Gatchaman Fiction Archive Stories based upon the 3 classic anime series from the 1970s.

365 Tomorrows Daily science-fiction shorts.

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